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A Walk to the Lamont Memorial

Directions for walk from Castle House Museum to Lamont Memorial




800 metres from Museum


On Thom-A-Mhoid Road, an extension of Wellington Street (A815) coming from Innellan. 500 metres from Dunoon Pier heading towards Innellan.

4 Minutes on foot. 

Road and pavement. Full wheelchair access


Stage 1

Exit Museum and turn left.

 At fork in path take the left one heading up the hill.


Stage 2

Pass the High Kirk on your right and approach the exit  from the Castle Gardens.

 At the exit turn left, watching for oncoming traffic in both directions.

 You are now in “Kirk Street”

 Carry on down towards the river.

 Be aware this is a two-way street.

 Stop when you get to the bottom.


Stage 3

At the bottom “Kirk Street” joins “Tom-A-Mhoid” road.


Stop and look both ways as you are coming out of a hidden exit.

Stage 4

The Lamont Memorial is across the street on your right.

 This is a busy road be careful crossing and look both ways.

 There is a pedestrian and wheelchair ramp that gives access to the memorial and its inscriptions.

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