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2018 Poppy Appeal

The recent arrival of a message from The Poppy Appeal (see below) provides the opportunity to place on record the part CASTLE HOUSE MUSEUM recently played to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the WW1 Armistice. This was somewhat difficult to achieve but thanks to the efforts of Andreya, Betty and Euan, all of whom are associated with the Museum, in conjunction with local Councillor Jim Anderson and Graeme Fletcher of Tents and Events, it was spectacular – as the photographs show.

Hi, I just wanted to touch base to say a huge “Thank You” for Lighting Up Red for us during the Poppy Appeal. The campaign ended up being so much bigger and wider than we had ever hoped and we really couldn’t have done it without your help. We had been aiming for around 100 locations across Scotland and ended up with 190 (two of which were in England). The final list of locations is embedded below this email. It was a huge increase from the 35 locations we had in 2017.

In summary, we had: 30 Churches; 14 Government Buildings/Town Houses; 12 War Memorials; 10 Castles; 9 Hotels; 8 Clocks; 6 Schools; 5 Universities; 4 Cathedrals; 4 Abbeys; 4 Lighthouses; 3 Theatres; 2 Bridges and 1 Royal and Ancient Clubhouse!! The more unusual locations included a wind farm, a phone box, a crane and a handful of Alpacas!

We were really touched by the support that we were given and the enthusiasm with which people took on the challenge of working out how to light up for us. We had huge interest in the campaign from the media and of course via social media, which is so image led. We would love it if you would consider lighting up again for us next year. However, it’s a way off now, so I will be in touch nearer the time!


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