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Can you help out?

Hello folks. Having had a Facebook reminder that I had not posted for a while decided as the weather today is really dismal to bring you all up to date with things MUSEUM.

As we are closed for the winter we have started doing our one morning a week work parties to see what we need to do for next year. Our current task and one which has grown is the tidying up of our stock of old clothing which we have kept on the basis that “one day this will become useful”. We want to keep it all in the one location if possible and ensure it is not getting damp. Boxed, labelled and properly described & listed is the task in hand.

From the photographs you will see that the Museum is currently like an indoor washing day. If you can in any way help, especially if you like period clothing why not come along on a Wednesday from 10 am till noon. Even if you cannot spend some time with us perhaps you can hand in some plastic coat hangers , flat boxes or a suitable suitcase. These would prove very useful. The photographs will give an idea of the challenge. It is good fun and there will be tea and biscuits. Thanks.


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