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New Year Update

Morning folks. Been a while since I have posted on here but things have been moving on. New leaflets and posters have been produced in anticipation of, all being well, our Easter opening.

A new website is under construction and hopefully properly linked to this page; we will be growing into all this new technology. A mystery to many and a must for others it nevertheless is now essential. Properly utilised the site will become a vehicle for learning more about our history to ensure that it is recorded for the benefit of others. It would be nice to think that there could be a Museum family enjoying looking after our heritage.

A small group of people have been working hard over the past months taking good care of many items in storage. It had become clear that the space we had used was less than perfect and much work is taking place mainly on Wednesday mornings to improve the situation. Special thanks to Cheryl and Fiona who, when not taking the opportunity to play ” dressing up” are working wonders with our collection of old clothes. Excellent job.

Will get back to you all soon.


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